Thursday, August 13, 2009

So much happened I'm exhausted just thinking about it..

We moved, hubby finished a gizillion of square feet of wooden floors, a room and 14,172 things in the house, house got rented, renters move in tomorrow, we moved in the apartment, said apartment in such crappy shape - although completely remodeled - we actually got a refund on our first month's payment, still living out of boxes and piles which is driving me crazy, a bunch of stressful crap at work, etc.

Bubu turned 6 months and is almost sitting but he's still teething, got a cold and has horrible allergies which means he's Mr. McSnotts and can't breathe and wakes up a dozen times a night.

My hairdresser is on maternity leave and the other dude totally botched my hair - we have a picture appointment on Monday - and now I look like a Romulan or a little boy, still can't decide which. Oh, and my period is 3 days late which means I'm a little freaked. Mind you, I was 5 days late last time I found out I was pregnant.

I have this weird thing about doing something that lands me in prison for like a week. I could sleep at night .. and I could catch up on my friggin reading.

.. but, baby G. is wonderful, and sweet, and pulls my hair and rubs his snotty nose on my neck and face and it feels like love, or kisses; that soft little nose, like a little petal of sorts.

.. i'm tired.