Monday, January 25, 2010

Sanity ..

.. at least for now. I would say we're over all the baby stuff but I'm scared I'll curse whatever luck we've had in the past month or so to not be experiencing any more illness or whatever else we've been through.

Baby G is happy and bouncy and energetic and the size of a 2 year old. We're still exhausted but mainly because he is so strong and determined to do whatever he wants. It's a good kind of exhausted. Still pretty ran down from the previous 9 months though. I can't even imagine how single mothers do this.. hat's off to you, Cathi!

We're still planning on moving in April-May timeframe so we're packing, craiglising stuff, looking for apartments in VA, etc. January is almost done, February is Baby G.'s first bday party, March we're going to VA to find an apartment, daycare, a ped, etc, April we're going on vacation - without baby G. - for 4 days then coming back and UHauling our butts eastward. Exciting, stressful, awesomely exciting. May will be a transition period then June we're flying to a specific country in Europe - my origins - to visit my parents. The second half of the year will be about settling in, making friends and finding local restaurants, being touristy in our new city, neighborhood, block.

We've spent the past 7 years trying to figure out where to move, where our home will be meanwhile never feeling comfortable here. We've always felt as if in a train station, bags packed, feverishly looking for that train that might just appear in the horizon. Looks like our train might finally be here.

A few things could get in the way of our moving still but as anyone who's ever tried a lot in their life will say, this setback will only be one in thousands; the one thing i've learned through this past year is that setbacks, no matter how immense they are perceived to be, are just little rocks in the road and never barricades. Hindsight always teaches us so.