Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things are better ..

.. and hoping the trend continues. Toddler still takes 1-2 hours to fall asleep but now without as much screaming/crying and without one of us having to be in the room. I really hope this is a lasting change because I was having nervous breakdowns on a nightly basis .. listen to you kid screaming "mommmyyyyy" that much while fighting going to bed when you know getting 8 hours of sleep for him is not enough and unhealthy and will give him a miserable day tomorrow and you'll be pulling your hair over what you're doing wrong and what a horrible person you are, as well. Anyway ..

Still unemployed but since I can't really survive without the stress of deadlines and "accomplishing" we've decided this is the perfect time to develop an idea I've had. So startup it is. Gives me something to fret over (other than housework and stuff) and get distracted by which is seemingly something I really need in order to stay sane. We'll see where this goes but I'm 100% in .. there's no trying or wishy-washy attempts. I'm already busting my butt and stressing myself in the process a lot more than I should but damn it I want it and I want it bad!


  1. That is great that you are going to use this unemployment time to develop an idea that you've had! That will make it all worth it in the end! It is definitely important to have an agenda every day. When I quit working outside the home (before I got pregnant with Logan) I soon realized that working at home for yourself is actually harder because with no one to tell you what to do or when to do it, it is easy to get distracted and then you feel like you are wasting your days and then I felt bad about myself. I soon figured it out and now I like it better! Am interested in what you are planning!

  2. Whee! Being a contractor! The funnest thing about it is writing everything off.

  3. @MLS indeed .. and all the extra cash!
    @Andrea Distraction is a big problem. I don't even work at home anymore. Have been going to a cafe every day, getting a cheap coffee and sneaking in my own snacks .. what?! we're on a tight budget! :)